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Bart Rainey


As a child, I would seek out a quiet place among the trees to think. Much like the Native Americans, I thought of nature as a spiritual gift. Later in life, reading about Native American beliefs taught me the land is sacred and that man’s heart, away from nature, becomes hard. As a young adult, if my mind was troubled or my spirit sad, a walk in the trees freed me from the distractions and problems of our  world. Now,  I have found my retreat among the trees and mountains of a place called Possum Properties. What a strange name! When the sun goes down behind the Alabama hills and mountains, the possums come out and ramble about the properties. The deer, fox, and other animals live together peacefully. I sit with my cup of coffee and wait for the night and the animals.  I wait for the next word, the next sentence, and then move toward the next paragraph of life. This solitude allows my mind to be free to search and to find words for life that only being one with nature can achieve.  This isolated place gives back the energy needed for creativity. Many years in the past, some of our ancestors believed the trees could talk. As I consider the world, I think maybe the trees of Possum Properties give me my words and direction in life. Come sit and listen to the whispering pine trees. Maybe, you will hear the words and find the guidance you need.

The next day, as the sun comes up over the mountains, about the only thing to be heard are the birds. A silent walk at first light will start the day. Maybe, a hawk will fly overhead, or a rabbit run across the trail. Your mind is at peace and ready to start the day.

Possum Properties is located about 35 miles north of Birmingham.  The local people of Blount County, Alabama, refer to the area where Possum Properties is located as “Out on the Mountain.”  Many tomato farms can be found out on the mountain.  Life is slow and friendly. People still wave a “hello” to passersby. 

Blount County lies in the Cumberland Plateau Section of the Appalachian Plateau. On February 7, 1818, the county was created by Territorial Legislature.  Blount County is a year older than the state of Alabama. The county is rich in history with immigrants from other areas pouring into the state as early as 1816. Because of these early settlements, many interesting southern dialects can still be heard in the small towns. The cities of Oneonta and Springville are a short drive from the mountain. Oneonta became the county seat in 1888 when the courthouse was moved from Blountsville. Blount County is known nationally for its historic covered bridges. Only three remain: Horton Mill, Easley, and Swann.  These bridges are a short drive from the mountain. 

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Possum Properties

4722 County Highway 24, Springville, Alabama 35146, United States


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